Top 7 of 77

Coming soon!

In the meantime, mail me your "top 7" — the only rule is there's no rule. You could send me your top 7 places you like to get grilled cheese sandwiches if you want, except that I would call you a blasphemer, because there is only one place to get grilled cheese sandwiches.

Anyway, send me your "top 7" and I will have it up here before you can finish your next grilled cheese, give or take a sandwich or two.



  1. what is the origin of the term spirit of 77?

    last week my uncle age 85 died. he was a wwII B24 bomber pilot. i just learned the name of his plane was Spirit of 77…but i dont know what it signifies

    • michelle romeine said,

      my dad, kenneth n, johnson was a ball turet gunner on the spirit of 77. he was stationed in flixton/bungay during the war and flew 30 successful missions. i walked where he was in april of 2010.he flew with walt toronjo and the others i cannot remember. any one wanting more info on this plane or the 446 can contact me at

      • Carla said,

        Hello Michelle,

        My husband’s grandfather was also a gunner on the Spirit of 77. HIs name was Ralph E Partelow does this ring any bells? Records show that there were 3 or 4 planes registered under this name, we are trying to find the correct plane and crew.

      • nancy trombino said,

        I have a photo The Spirit of 77. My father was based in England during WWII, there are no names written on the back side of the photo.

  2. Federline's Girl said,

    1. Frozen Margaritas at the VMA’s
    2. Rum and Coke at NoBu
    3. Sky Vodka at LAX
    4. Fuzzy Navels in my back yard
    5. Wine Coolers at the Beach (with a bag of cheetos of course)
    6. Mango Daquris at the Standard Hotel Downtown
    7. Champagne in my Stretch Limo on the way to a party

  3. Faith said,

    1. Triple Tall Egg Nog Latte – Starbucks
    2. Triple Tall Non Fat Extra Dry Cappuccino – Starbucks
    3. Vietnemese Iced Coffee – Wendy’s II in Tacoma
    4. Espresso and Pain Au Chocolate at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas
    5. Chicory Coffee and Beinegts from New Orleans.
    6. Mocha Shake – Coffee People
    7. Fabulous Coffee Cooler – Coffee People

  4. Dennis Kender said,



    My wife’s uncle was a mechanic for the B-24 Liberator named
    “Spirit of ’77”. The aircraft was in the 446th Bomb Group, 705 Bomb Squadron.
    US Army Air Force (8th Air Force) Bungay, England.
    Serial number 42 – 7607

    My wife’s uncle named the plane and did the art work.

    I would like to know the name of your uncle the pilot.

    The plane went down over liberated France on Jan. 1, 1945

    If you would like to know more send e-mail
    directly to Dennis Kender

  5. Nancy said,

    I have a photo of the crew, my father was attached to this unit also. The photo is only the front end and the guys are standing and sitting in front of it.

    • Carla said,

      Can you post the photo please.

      • atbeach2014 said,

        I certainly can if you could advise how and where I should post the photo.

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