Nova Newcomer was born at home on a cold night in January a little over 30 years ago (that should suffice for a while). Or as her dad says, “the year the Trail Blazers won the championship”. No, her parents weren’t hippies and yes, that’s her real name!

Her first political opus was a short essay (which she still has in her possession) in 4th grade on Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. A Political Science degree, several hundred pages and a career later, Nova is currently doing what she loves best — providing people with tools to communicate better and helping women develop their leadership potential.

The Spirit of 77 is a collection of her thoughts on politics, baseball and her very first love, Portland.

Nova is the wife of Peat Bakke and the mother of Elliott, 2.


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  1. Hello Nova!

    I’m one of the partners in a local design and branding company called The Official Manufacturing Company. We’re currently in the process of opening up a Portland-centric sports bar. We came up with the name Spirit of 77 for the bar and then did a search and found you! Great name, btw. Anyway, I was curious if you’d be willing to part with the URL spiritof77.com? We don’t have much money, but would love to offer you trade at the bar and possibly some Spirit of 77 t-shirts or something if you’d be interested. It will be a great place to come watch baseball and the Blazers, of course.

    Please let me know what you think!




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