February 7, 2010

Women at the table

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:50 pm by Nova Newcomer

Yesterday, I spent 9 hours sitting across the table from 20 amazing women leaders. We all come from different backgrounds, different career tracks, and even have our own set of issues for which we advocate — but what we all have in common was a desire to be at the table. In this case, it was the willingness to take a risk to step up and say that more women like us need to seek leadership roles.

Being in the minority (in terms of representation in leadership), I forget how often I feel like the odd one out. The woman with the opinion. The woman who won’t just go along with the way things are always done. The woman who wants to lead. Being at the table with women who don’t make me feel like an odd ball, who don’t make me want to apologize for who I am is perhaps the most energizing aspect of Emerge Oregon. It’s nice to fit in, even if the goal is to step out!