January 20, 2009

National Service Day: Update

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Yesterday was one of those amazing days when I was reminded of the generosity of human spirit and the ease with which people can come together if the right connections are made. The USAservice.org site was a tremendous asset in helping us extend our reach.
NEW Leadership Oregon was able to exceed our goal of 25 care packages with all of your support:
* 27 complete care packages of various sizes
* ~ 50 full toiletry care packages with new pairs of underwear
* Multiple items that could not be used in the care packages, but will go to other organizations who provide services to women

Thanks again for everyone for making this event such a rousing success!
Inspired and grateful…

January 5, 2009

National Day of Service: Donations Needed

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I am on the Board of NEW Leadership Oregon, an organization aimed at increasing women’s leadership in public policy and politics. We put on a week long leadership institute for women college students each summer. Our Board members and alumnae are joining together to give back on the Martin Luther King Holiday as part of the National Day of Service called for by President-elect Obama.

On January 19th, we will be assembling care packages for rape victims. When rape victims make police reports, their clothing is often taken from them at the hospital as evidence. The hospital is then in a bind to give the women something to wear home, which often is wax paper clothing which is really scratchy and rough. There used to be a women’s group who put these together, but they stopped doing it earlier this year and it is sorely missed. These care packages are especially important for homeless women who have been assaulted and have few other belongings.

We are looking for the following donations:

* Sweatpants (used and laundered okay)
* Sweatshirts (used and laundered okay)
* Underwear (new only)
* Flip Flops

We are looking for leads on bulk in-kind donations of the following as well:

* Small bars of soap
* Travel size shampoo and conditioner
* Toothbrush and toothpaste

We need all items by Sunday, January 18th. We will be assembling them in the private dining room at Roux at 1720 N Killingsworth. Thank you to Roux for donating the room for our service event!

E-mail Nova Newcomer or d @novanewcomer on twitter for more information on how to help!