June 26, 2008

Ode to “The Mini”

Posted in Personal at 8:41 am by Nova Newcomer

\"The Mini\"We are selling our Mini Cooper. Don’t e-mail, it’s already sold. I put it up on Craigslist yesterday and it was basically gone within an hour. It’s just a car, I thought. Plus, we have some equity so yay to paying off debt. And it was awkward for Mr. E to ride in it anyway. All those practical reasons for saying goodbye to the car can’t erase the tinge of sadness I have in handing it over to its new owner. The car didn’t have a name, unless “The Mini” counts, but somehow I guess I got attached anyway.

I took “The Mini” on one last drive yesterday. I didn’t really realize I was doing it, but I had an appointment out in Eagle Creek so I got to drive it around some cool winding roads through the woods, listening to Beethoven and Hifana from a mix CD Peat had put together to test his new office speakers. I was so full of creativity and drive (no pun intended) hugging those curves. And it just won’t be the same with the Saturn. Yes, our new family fits in the Saturn, so it’s a different kind of nice, but “The Mini” was divine.

And maybe that’s what is so hard about being American and dealing with climate change. To drive is to be American — and that’s even true for Americans who only ride bikes! If we can acknowledge the loss and welcome new paths of identity, maybe we can beat back global warming. I sure do love a good drive through nature, but the nature probably really is the critical part. So enough car worship for me. For now, I will drive my sensible family car and find other numerous sources of joy.



  1. Stacy said,

    I had the same experience when I traded my Mazda 3 in for the Prius. The Mazda and I had come so far together! It had been in a photoshoot for work when it was 2 months old. It had been the location of fun experiences. It shepherded Kathy and I through a month-long roadtrip. Plus, it was a damn fine ride. I loved driving that car, and I don’t really like to drive.

    When I cleaned my stuff out of the Mazda and handed it over to the nice Toyota dealership folks I had more than one pang of sadness and regret. But I had to face reality. Sorry, Mazda, but your lease was up, you’d eaten the transmission in under 30,000 miles, and you took too much gas. I still miss that car, but I’ve come to love the Prius in new ways that I could have never loved the Mazda. Drive on! (responsibly, of course)

  2. There is an attachment to you car (named or not) despite what we like to think. When I had to give up my Mustang GT (because despite what they told us a infant carrier DOES NOT fit in the back, nor does the GIANT stroller that carries it) I felt as if I had lost a limb.

    When I gave up my giant Expedition, the one that was genuinely ridiculous, as I have one child, and guzzled more gas than I like to admit, I cried. I faced the reality of being responsible, financially and ecologically. I am happy now with my little blue Escape. I have come to love it more than the Expedition.

    The pain will wane, and someday when the children are older we can have dream cars. Until then, we can just be happy with mom-mobiles, and be thankful that they aren’t mini-vans! (dear lord that makes us sound old!)

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