June 26, 2008

The love and the hate of Craigslist

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Okay, so I spoke too soon! Mini is not sold. Guy backed out at the last minute — I was seriously brushing my teeth to go meet him! Whatever happened to your word is your bond? I guess I am old-fashioned. Seriously, someone we know fall in love with our Mini and buy it, so I can see it go to good people!

I guess I lamented too much and the gods (that I don’t believe in) sent “The Mini” back to us!


Ode to “The Mini”

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\"The Mini\"We are selling our Mini Cooper. Don’t e-mail, it’s already sold. I put it up on Craigslist yesterday and it was basically gone within an hour. It’s just a car, I thought. Plus, we have some equity so yay to paying off debt. And it was awkward for Mr. E to ride in it anyway. All those practical reasons for saying goodbye to the car can’t erase the tinge of sadness I have in handing it over to its new owner. The car didn’t have a name, unless “The Mini” counts, but somehow I guess I got attached anyway.

I took “The Mini” on one last drive yesterday. I didn’t really realize I was doing it, but I had an appointment out in Eagle Creek so I got to drive it around some cool winding roads through the woods, listening to Beethoven and Hifana from a mix CD Peat had put together to test his new office speakers. I was so full of creativity and drive (no pun intended) hugging those curves. And it just won’t be the same with the Saturn. Yes, our new family fits in the Saturn, so it’s a different kind of nice, but “The Mini” was divine.

And maybe that’s what is so hard about being American and dealing with climate change. To drive is to be American — and that’s even true for Americans who only ride bikes! If we can acknowledge the loss and welcome new paths of identity, maybe we can beat back global warming. I sure do love a good drive through nature, but the nature probably really is the critical part. So enough car worship for me. For now, I will drive my sensible family car and find other numerous sources of joy.