March 31, 2008

Opening Day

Posted in Baseball, Elliott, Personal at 11:53 am by Nova Newcomer

Opening Day for ElliottIt’s Opening Day at Wrigley Field. I am a Cubs fan — ever-suffering, ever-loyal. Okay, I have an occasional affair with the San Francisco Giants, but I am allowed because I was born in a beautiful town that has no Major League baseball team. Anyway, I am a Cubbie. I still contend that there is no better baseball experience than the bleachers at Wrigley and I have been to some great parks. Yes, Red Sox fans, even better than Fenway (though Fenway is a close 2nd).

In 1908, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It’s 2008, I have a newborn son who’s sleeping on my chest (hopefully, he will be awake for the 7th inning stretch) while I watch WGN and I am a big fan of serendipity.

Take me out to the ballgame!


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  1. Faith said,

    Cherish every minute of that newborn boy sleeping on your chest!!

    All too soon you will be planning to take him to his first real ballgame at a baseball field. (Which we are doing this summer.) And while those sleep deprived days seemed like they would indeed kill me, they did not and now he will be turning 4 soon. That all seems like a lifetime ago.

    Teach him all about the baseball, and why it is so much fun. Then when he turns 3 and asks for the “Batter Batter Baseball” and opens the package and cries, you will know the pride of it being the first present he cried over – and that the little baby that once slept on your chest really is a Momma’s boy, and he does love him some baseball!!

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