May 16, 2007

Help Portland lead again with recycling

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:42 pm by Nova Newcomer

The City of Portland used to be the nation’s leader when it came to our recycling program. Though we are still far ahead of many places in the country, we can do better. There is a plan that the city is opening up to public comment online and at public meetings. Highlights of the plan include: rollcarts for recyclables (including plastic tubs now), rollcarts for yard debris and later, food scrap pickup at your curb. The goals of the plan are to have zero growth in the waste stream and increase recycling rates to 75% by 2010. These are the kinds of programs that municipal governments are good at! So, comment online or attend a public meeting to voice your opinion. I, for one, am all for it. Don’t say they never asked you!


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  1. Moira said,

    I love this program, and it makes me proud to live in a city that is focused on leading the nation on this sort of thing. I like the every-other-week trash pickup goal for 2009 or beyond, I think there’s a lot of value in challenging myself to waste less! Whether it be awareness of packaging when I buy something, doing away with my paper towel habit, or just remembering to compost, I hope I’m making some small dent. Also, dang, did you see that movie “Idiocracy”? Funny, but a little too close to true.

    Now if I could just potty train my son, I swear this house would reduce its waste by fifty percent…

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