March 24, 2007

Go Ducks!

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Being a Portland State Viking, I am not usually an Oregon Ducks fan when it comes to battles inside the state, but I always support Oregon teams on the national stage. Tonight, the Ducks beat UNLV — it was a too-the-wire contest that shouldn’t have been that close, but having been a Portland Trail Blazer fan since birth, I am used to this kind of nail-biting end to a basketball game. So, why is it that the team I support always can let the other guys come back from a 15 point-lead, but when my guys are down by 15, it’s over? Maybe I should ask Mariner Housewife?

Oh, and GO DUCKS!


March 16, 2007

Stop the War: Sunday, March 18th in Portland, OR

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Peat and I were married a year ago tomorrow. That same weekend was a protest against 3 years of the Iraq War. Sadly, our first wedding anniversary is scarred by the need for another protest against 4 years at war with Iraq. Please help us celebrate our first anniversary by helping to end the war in Iraq.

war protest in Portland

Wedding Day Protest

March 10, 2007

300 fan..girl?

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Do you have to be a boy to like the new Frank Miller movie 300? Peat and I saw it in Las Vegas while we were killing time. (Neither of us liked the idea of pouring money into the slots or card tables.) I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I am really into the Gladiator-Greek-Sparta era movies. Whether it’s Kirk Douglas in Spartacus or Russell Crowe as Maximus or now Gerard Butler as Leonidas, I just enjoy the heck out of these movies. The women are hard as nails, idealistic and gorgeous — the way we all like to imagine ourselves. And the men noble, but fierce. It’s a fantasy to indulge that the complexities of today’s geopolitical scene doesn’t allow. And if you fully escape to the graphic novel world of the battle of Thermopylae and avoid letting your mind construct eerie parallels to the language and dogma used to incite the latest skirmish with “the Persians”, you will have a great action-filled thrill ride.

Are there other girls out there who loved 300?

Note: The feminist in me did laugh at the Queen’s many, yet bare costume choices and the exhibitionist Oracle dance scene, but I also knew what I was watching…a movie based on a graphic novel. I wouldn’t have expected anything different.