February 28, 2007

Best 2 out of 3

Posted in Politics at 11:52 pm by Nova Newcomer

I don’t believe in the criminalization of drug addicts, but what’s the point of a war on drugs when a major portion of the drug abused are prescription drugs? Way to go Pfizer, et al. And there are still some who think we are winning the war on drugs.



February 24, 2007

Give LaVena Johnson a voice

Posted in Politics at 10:40 am by Nova Newcomer

They lied about Pat Tillman. They continue to lie about why the Black Hawk helicopters are going down at a rapidly increasing rate. And they are dishonoring the memory of this brave young woman. Please read LaVena Johnson’s story and tell people about it.


February 19, 2007

What makes us so strong?

Posted in Politics at 11:10 pm by Nova Newcomer

I thought the article at the below link was a poignant piece, not for Black History Month, but for humanity. We should all hope to be so strong to come out more colorful, more determined and more alive through hardship. We have so much to learn about each other.