January 24, 2007

Issue #2: Sugar-coating

Posted in Issues at 6:28 pm by Nova Newcomer

My head will explode if I have to hear one more politician sugar-coat what is happening in Iraq. Someone just needs to say, “We’re fucking done.”


January 23, 2007

Read my lips…

Posted in Politics at 11:02 pm by Nova Newcomer

The war is over. When 65% of the population is against you, it is not time to dig your heels in. We are done with this senseless, over-priced war that has sacrificed too many American and Iraqi lives. Forget your legacy — that was done with years ago — make the just and moral decision and end the Iraq War.

January 1, 2007

And to think we might save the world…

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I am no fan of Wal-Mart, but when a company puts together a campaign that may drastically reduce energy costs for consumers and energy consumption in the United States, I have to applaud. We all know that the goal is for profit, but where there is demand, there is profit. Wouldn’t it be nice if demand was higher for items and services that actually help us reduce our appetite for energy?

Wal-Mart sets goal to sell 100 million compact flourescent bulbs