August 3, 2006

My first blog from 36000 feet

Posted in Travel at 10:54 pm by Nova Newcomer

Hello from the heavens, everybody! I know that I am not the first, but I can’t help shouting from the mountain tops (or I should say from over them) about my latest adventure. The actual being in a plane part of travel is my least favorite part about travel. Now, that differs quite a bit from my husband, who would rather be on a plane than just about be anywhere else. He loves the whole experience.

On my first longhaul flight with my macbook and a wireless card, I was able to sign up for wifi on the flight. So, in the course of the last 8 and a half hours or so, I have emailed people who sent me mails while I was in the air, chatted with my husband, 3 of my friends, 3 of my siblings, sent photos of myself in my seat and video conferenced with my husband on iChat. Man, I ❤ Apple big time today!

It’s nice to have the excitement of a 5 year-old every once in a while! I am a lucky girl.


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  1. Federline's Girl said,

    Dang y’all. Sounds like you are more excited than Sean Prestin when I leave him with the nanny.

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