June 1, 2002

A Global Summer

Posted in Travel at 11:27 pm by Nova Newcomer

A lot has happened since I first set up this site for public consumption. (I am taking great liberty to use the term "public" as the extent of my readership is probably just a few loyal somebodies. Thanks people!) This summer will be quite an adventure for me as I am extending my experience in this life to the international scene. Granted, I have been to Canada and though the folks up north have their own wonderful distinct culture, it just really doesn't feel like another part of the world up there in Vancouver, BC.

So which lands' countrymen/women should prepare for my most-assuredly boisterous arrival? At the end of this month, I have the privilege of visiting the historically rich, pop culture extravaganza that is Japan. I am hoping I will get an equal balance of the two: a little mastery of the sword and a little socializing with Bad Badtz Maru.

The reason for my trip is quite extraordinary. A little over a month ago, my boss at adidas informed me that I would be attending the World Cup Final in Yokohama, Japan. Now, this was a Monday morning and anyone who knows me well can vouch for the fact that a) I am not a morning person and b) Mondays are not really my sharpest day of the week. So, I thought it was a particularly cruel joke being played on me. After several denials on my part, I saw the official invitation with my name on it — official letterhead and everything. This was no joke! So on June 25th, I head off for Tokyo. I will be staying in Yokohama and will return to Portland the day after the World Cup Final. My brother and all his football loving friends are extremely envious, but I have promised to bring back tales of the premier sporting event in the world — even a baseball aficionado like myself can admit the magnitude of this thing. What an experience it will be!

For the days I am not attending the most anticipated match since the turn of the millennium, I will be cavorting in Tokyo with my friend Steph. It is going to be too fun! I met Steph through my boyfriend and though we met about a year ago, we just started hanging out after Peat went to New Zealand. Seems the timing was right for a new friend with Peat going thousands of miles away and she's also super cool in her own right, so it worked out great for me! If anyone has any tips for getting around in Japan or places you think we should visit email me at nova@spiritof77.com.

You would think a trip like that would be enough excitement for one summer. But as they say, when it rains, it pours. (All of you sun-loving individuals will interpret that as a bad thing, but hey, I am an Oregonian. The rain is what makes it so beautiful around here, so when something good happens to me, I don't mind using a metaphor about rain.) I get just over a month and a half to recover from my trip to Japan before I head off to the beautiful island country of New Zealand. For heaven's sake, if my boyfriend were going to school in a remote part of Siberia (hey, that is a bit redundant isn't it?), I would be excited to go there. However, in addition to the fact that I will be seeing him for the first time in 6 months by the time AUGUST TWO FOUR rolls around, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to visit a country which by all accounts is absolutely stunning. I am one fortunate individual. Again, I am a newbie to this international thing. I just received my first passport a couple of weeks ago, so if you have anything to tell about New Zealand that might be of interest to me, email me at the address above.

Keep checking back, particularly sometime in July. I would like to be able to write updates from Japan while I am there, but I am not sure if that will be possible. Let me know if you would like to be on my mailing list.


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