April 1, 2002

Nova: The “condensed” version

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nova_2001The picture you see to the left is a self-portrait I took about a year ago (2001). I was playing with a new digital camera at work and was exercising a little narcissism. This is one of about 20 pictures I took of myself that day. It is one of my favorite pictures. I feel like it says everything about me and nothing all at the same time — my own digital paradox.

I have two all-consuming loves in this life: baseball and politics. This fact is probably the first thing you will come to find out about me after being told that, "no, I was not conceived in a Chevy Nova." I would say that of all the interests I have had over the years, my passion for baseball and politics (not necessarily in that order) has never waned. Sure, I get disillusioned like in 1994 when I bought plane tickets to San Francisco for the sole purpose of seeing the Giants play in Candlestick Park, only to see the season brought to an end by a strike. Or the devastating realization that George W. Bush was indeed being recognized as the 43rd *President* of the United States of America. However, I have remained steadfast and every once in a while, I am reminded why I have a baseball diamond tattooed on my back (2001 World Series) or why I continue to care so much about a country that has committed so many wrongs (Michael Moore — there is nothing more to say).

I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Anyone who knows me well will say that I am obsessed with my family. Not a day goes by that I don't at least talk with my older sister Vanessa and usually, it is more than once a day. If I don't talk to her, something always feels amiss. My sister has saved my life a million times and has sacrificed much to give me and my brother a chance in this life. My brother Gabe is my roommate. For fear of being chided, I will not go into detail about my relationship with my brother, other than to say, he is a cool guy and I couldn't be luckier just to know him, let alone be related to him. My other siblings are much younger than me, but not any less precious. In fact, when I bought my first car as a 19 year-old, I could not convince the sales-person that I indeed wanted a sedan so that I could lug my 4 younger siblings around. He just couldn't see a young adult wanting to spend so much time with their younger siblings. I am crazy about these kids. In order from oldest to youngest: Natalie (14), Johnathon (13), Taylor (11) and Austin (8). I am going to create a family tree page soon, so I will go into more detail about each later. I don't see them nearly as much as I wish or should, but they have made my life so rich with energy and enthusiasm and pure joy.

As for what I am up to now? I am earnestly plugging away at my job at adidas. Right now, I am working on an internal web page for the organization I work for within the company. It is very exciting to be working on this project, because I believe it will help me increase my job opportunities in the future. I am also pining for a special someone who is going to school in New Zealand right now. He is seriously the coolest guy I have ever met. We have been dating for a little over a year now and I am going to be visiting him in late August. Needless to say, the days drag on when I think of how much I miss him. His name is Peat and he runs the server that this website is hosted on as well as maintains his personal website, Peat.org.


First Spirit of 77 Introduction

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(Don't pay attention to the stuff that talks about the site, it's all changed now. Plus, I am also a bit older…) Okay, let's start things off logically. My name is Nova. I am a mid-twenties female from Portland, OR. I was born and raised here and have lived elsewhere only 9 months of my life. Spirit of 77.com is my online stomping ground. Everything on this site has something to do with me — who I am, what I like, what I don't, what is important to me, what ideas should remain theoretical, etc.The links above will take you to different sides of me: * who I am as an individual (the page you are on now) * who I am as a member of the human race * who I am as a bread-winner * who/what I have been or am currently inspired by. I am always very excited to add new features to this site, however, be patient with me. As with many projects for me, it's a mood thing. The post immediately below this section will always be the most current information about what it is going on with me or what I have been thinking about. In a sense, this is the *news* page. In the coming months, I will be adding more features to the other links. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better and I promise this site will provide more than just insight into my everyday life. I am shooting for much more than that.